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Meet the Isom Team

Tracy Morgan
Venue Manager

Sally Malone is the Owner Representative for SRM, LLC, owner of the Isom Place Oxford. She moved to Oxford in 2013 from Little Rock, AR. Sally is a problem solver, scientist, listener, music lover, friend, traveler, believer, reader, and a cat woman. As the owner, she feels an obligation to preserve the land and its history. Sally sees Isom as an important local resource that deserves conserving for future generations. She strives to be a good steward for the Isom House for the period of its longevity, hoping to preserve its integrity and its story. Her goal is to give clients the opportunity to experience Isom's grandeur and dignity that was carved from another time with a chance to make lasting new memories of their own. This is 3 generations of the SRM,LLC repersenated. 

Tracy Morgan is the venue assistant for Isom Place Oxford and the founder of Bon Viveur, where she teaches her skillset in cuisine once a month at the Isom House. She has lived in Oxford for 26 years, and she is married to John whom she has three sons with – Gus, Sam, and Ira. Tracy has a master's in social work and has spent many years working as a therapist. She enjoys helping others overall. Along with entertaining, creating, and cooking, Tracy loves to travel. Traveling gives her a unique perspective on food, wine, and history. She enjoys playing tennis, yoga, and organizing. Most of all, Tracy loves spending time with her friends, family, and Buster, her dog. Tracy is excited to teach new cooking skills and promote excellence and individuality through Bon Viveur. She wishes everyone who joins her classes to get the full experience of one of Oxford's most treasured landmarks.

Invitation Magazine offices are located on the second floor of Isom Place. Click here to learn more about the friendly faces you may encounter on your tour!
Event Team
This amazing team is what makes everything happen! We would not be "The Isom Place", without them.
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